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Proactive Industrial Noise Management

Why iPING?


10 million people in the U.S. have a noise-related hearing loss


22 million workers are exposed annually in the United States to hazardous levels of occupational noise


240 million USD spent annually to compensate workers in the U.S. for hearing loss disability

1 in 9 recordable illnesses (17,700 cases out of 59,100 cases) in manufacturing is from occupational hearing loss

Many more workers have measurable occupational hearing loss but have not yet become hearing impaired in order to be OSHA-recordable

Scroll down and read Joe’s story to find out about the iPING solution.

Meet Joe.

Joe works in a manufacturing company and is exposed to hazardous noise levels.

Joe is very worried about his ears and wants to protect them.


iPING has the right solution for Joe.

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